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Scope View Strategic Advantage delivers substantial and sustainable value to private, nonprofit and public clients through support in a broad range of organizational and business development areas.   They include strategic planning and implementation, needs assessment, change anticipation and positioning, board/staff training and workshop/retreat planning and facilitation.  

In a world of ever accelerating change, virtually all organizations face highly challenging circumstances, with significant competition in even the nonprofit sector.   Scope View provides more than just technical assistance.   It develops and helps implement strategies and initiatives that give a competitive advantage to those for whom it works.

While Scope View’s initial work centered in the Carolinas, its client base now stretches up the Atlantic seaboard from Florida through Virginia to New York, across Michigan, Colorado, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon, Washington State and out to Alaska.


Scope View delivers compelling, differentiating and innovative strategic results to companies and organizations whose purposes we support, whose integrity we respect and whose leadership has absolutely no tolerance for complacency.

Founded by Bill Millett in 1995, the company’s client list includes corporations, architectural firms, professional associations, economic development groups, United Ways, partnerships for children, a diverse range of not-for-profits, elected bodies, libraries, councils of government and state, county and municipal agencies. 

Significantly, while Scope View obtains new clients on a regular basis and successfully acquires a high percentage of those that it pursues, much of the firm’s business comes from repeat customers.  The company has never missed a project deadline set by those for which it works, and is known for its consistent ability to bring innovative yet realistic approaches to a project.  The aim is not to produce satisfied customers, but to generate highly enthusiastic ones.


Static organizations fare poorly in changing times. That they may not survive at all is evidenced by the countless examples of companies that were once dominant or major players in their fields and that are now gone. Names like Digital Equipment Company, Arthur Andersen, Pillowtex, Pan American, Circuit City, F.W. Woolworth, Drexel Burnam Lambert, and Lehman Brothers. All were overcome by altered circumstances they didn’t foresee or couldn’t address. Literally tens of thousands of smaller organizations have faced the same fate.

Today, far too many organizations are counting on approaches and strategies that have historically served them well to continue to work in the future. Frequently, they don’t. Marketplaces have gotten far more complex and sophisticated. Private sector clients are looking for precise quantifiable factors to differentiate companies looking to do business with them. In the nonprofit world, people think of themselves not as donors but as investors-- and they expect measurable returns on the funds they provide.

In a time when ripples of changes have become tsunamis, today’s organizations are highly vulnerable if they fail to properly assess new economic realities and position themselves accordingly.

Those that prosper will have strong foresight and the agility necessary to respond quickly and correctly to changing environments.  Any internal complacency must be replaced with a strong sense of urgency, and the full recognition that a constant examination of what is working and what is not must be a core value.      

New and retargeted ways of successfully navigating in such conditions are needed, and it is precisely that type of assistance that Scope View Strategic Advantage provides.


The Scope View name is a symbolic choice, one that reflects Millett’s professional perspective and personal interest.  

Major observatories contain diverse sets of telescopes: optical, infrared, radio, ultraviolet, gamma-ray and x-ray.   They scan the skies-- examining the past, considering the present and forecasting future events.   Collectively, they represent a wide range of sophisticated ways to view and assess many complex subjects and to project future events.

In its own manner, Scope View also uses an array of instruments and approaches to look at issues, help clients assess their operations, anticipate what's coming, explore options and make the most of opportunities and challenges.   While it lacks the precision of astrophysics and celestial mechanics, the company excels in commitment, innovation and results that help organizations succeed in highly competitive environments-- private, nonprofit and public.


Millett's more than twenty-five years experience includes serving as Executive Director of two Regional Councils of Governments including the largest in South Carolina; Senior Vice President in charge of Economic Development for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce; and Principal for Business Development for a major design firm.  He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in political science and economics from the University of South Carolina. 

His leadership positions include: Board of the National Association of Development Organizations, including First Vice President; Charter President, Southeast Community Development Association; Board and Executive Committee member, United Way of North Carolina; Governor's Committee on Local Government (SC); and Chair, Regional Council Executive Directors Association.

He has made presentations on a range of business, economic, organizational and community development subjects at dozens of national, regional and state conferences, and is frequently asked to facilitate workshops and retreats for corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations. 

Millett’s service on the boards of major national organizations with their own staffs allows Scope View to relate to issues from both a policy and managerial perspective-- a major asset in launching strategic initiatives and seeing them through.

Though the project types and geographic areas change, the Scope View commitment to excellence and to insuring that clients’ expectations are met and exceeded remains constant.  That’s not a hard principle to honor when you’re only working for organizations and people you respect.

Importantly, Scope View has no set formula for assisting each initiative in which it is engaged.  Each type and level of assistance is specifically designed to the particular opportunities and challenges of that situation. Each recognizes the singularity of the organization for which Scope View is working and the multiple environments within which that organization operates and competes.



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